Precise Communication

Namibian Air law and ATC requires communication between air-stations, and with ATC in particular, to be in the English language only.
Furthermore as units of measurement only Feet, Knots, Nautical Miles (NM) and Flight Levels are to be used.
That ensures general comprehension and orientation.

From time to time it will be necessary to use radials (magnetic) and distances(NM) in regard to VORs or airfields.
We encourage everybody to make use of the possibilities today’s flight computers provide, and to set them up accordingly.

They should show all information in the above specified units, as well as the relative position in regard to a selected VOR or airfield with a radial and distance indication.
That is to make sure you can deliver a correct position report, without the need to convert everything to feet, FL or NM first.

This is especially important for emergency situations when as many listeners as possible need to understand qyour position.

Please pay special attention to set up your flight computer according to the local magnetic declination, which is approximately 13° West in our flying region.