Please take some time to make yourself familiar with the minimum requirements, that you need to comly with as a vistitor to Namibia, in order to fly in the namibian skies.

These requirements are described in the

A valid license and medical, both issued according to ICAO standards, are of course mandatory.
The European LAPL is not valid.

Furthermore you need:

1. A minimum of 500 hours logged total flying time in gliders
2. Logged and relevant cross-country experience
3. 30 starts of which 5 must have been self-starts in during the last 12 months
4. 50 hours flying time in gliders during the last 12 months
5. Resting time before the first flight of no less than 24 hours if the time difference to Namibia is up to 4 hour, or 48 hours if the time difference to Namibia is 5 hours or more
6. Theoretical introduction into the particular challenges of glider flying in Namibia:

  1. Conduct in the traffic pattern
  2. Structure of the airspace, radio frequencies, orientation in Namibia
  3. Climatological and weather related challenges (thermal strength, thunder storms, dust devils, down bursts, density altitude, speed at altitude)
  4. Landing away from base (alternative landing possibilities, conduct after an off-base landing)
  5. Medical factors (such as dehydration and hypoxia), fatigue management
  6. Introduction to the aircraft to be flown and managing/operation of all equipment

7. Practical introduction by check flight of 1 hour duration minimum for any pilot flying in Namibia for the first time

  1. Control of the aircraft during self-start and in flight
  2. Engine restart while airborne
  3. Reconnaissance of the area surrounding the airfield
  4. Density altitude, speed etc.

8. Obligatory safety equipment;

  1. SPOT with tracking activated prior to the flight
  2. Functional cellphone or satellite telephone
  3. Survival pack (additional water, food stuff, bandage, torch, knife, matches, foil blanket, stationery)
  4. Flight map
  5. Parachute

ELT is highly recommended!

9. The Chief Flight Instructor has the final authority to sign off a foreign glider license holder for cross-country flying in Namibia.