New URL and Webserver

June 2021

As of June 2021, SSN has a new domain and web server. The new URL is:
The server is operated by the Namibian company Bushwizard information technology Mr. Axel Förster.

The transfer of the web pages from the old server to the new server and the revision of the pages was done by 8F COMPUTER Wolfgang Joschko

The web pages have four internal sections.

  • Guest: Users with the Guest permission can see some more pages in the Internals section.
  • SSN-Stakeholder: Users with the SSN-Stakeholder permission can see all pages and can create new posts.
  • Editor: Users with the Editor permission can also create new web pages.
  • Administrator: Users in the Administrator group can do anything on the web server.

All SSN members are in the SSN-Stakeholder group. They have received an email with the new access data. If a SSN member has not received this email, please request it from